e-Agility is a Born in the Cloud solution partner who are passionate about agile technology solutions that deliver results fast. By approaching solutions with cloud-first strategy you can reduce your upfront cost and get your solution faster.

We do the heavy lifting in developing software applications designed for your business on a common framework. Using proven agile methodologies and working hand in hand with Microsoft Cloud Solutions – Office 365 and Azure. We can deploy, manage, support and enhance your cloud service in weeks so you can start enjoying the benefits right now.

e-Agility founders have been in business since 1996, as early adopters of internet technology to solve business problems, we have continued to build on this strength to deliver world class cloud solutions. Having identified a paradigm shift away from custom developed on premise towards configurable hosted or cloud based solutions we have launched a range of Cloud solutions specifically for Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Our partnership with Hedgehog Logistics has allowed us to find our Hedgehog Concept.


With a range of developers or as we like to call them Deviners (a cross between designer and developers), Imagineers (application developers with imagination) and Insight Designers. Our people are passionate about solutions that deliver new levels of service, experience and productivity.

Ed Richard

Lead Imagineer, Founder

Experienced and Respected Microsoft Platform Technology Specialist, Business Solutions Technologist and Solution Architect passionate about Agile, with experience in a wide variety of business technologies including: SharePoint, Business Process Automation, mobile computing, and cloud technologies.

As a serial (6 years) Microsoft MVP in SharePoint and Visio, a Microsoft Virtual Technology Specialist for Visio and Joint Founder of the Melbourne Business User Group Ed is recognized as member of an exceptional, independent community leaders group who share their passion, technical expertise, and real-world knowledge of Microsoft products with others. He inspired developers, business users, analysts and executives to live the dream of building cloud based solutions that deliver results fast.

As CTO at Hedgehog Logistics, a technology business that does logistics, the focus is a Launch and Learn Strategy, creating a simple User Experience coupled with robust technology and mobile first thinking. The solutions include a suite of customizable distribution, transport and warehouse management tools for experienced transport professionals supporting compliant and operationally accountable transport operations and an operational warehouses and a national distribution network of transport operators.

Based on agile principles, we favour Individuals and interactions over processes and tools, working software over comprehensive documentation, customer collaboration over contract negotiation and responding to change over rigid plans.

Anuj (AJ) Sikand

Insight Designer

Anuj drives our implementations and strives to under promise and over deliver. In particular in the area of business intelligence. Passionate about BI, Anuj specialises in applying Microsoft Power BI to logistics processes and outcomes. He’s keen to demonstrate how new technologies like Natural Language queries provide an extreme and immediate return on investment.

Patrick Richard


Patrick is our User Interaction specialist. Patrick is always busy trying to find better ways to communicate with users, customers and optimizes the interaction with our many applications. He also makes them feel and look good!

Do more with less is his motto.


At e-Agility we believe in true Business Agility. We use Agile Business Processes to enable Agile Business People to deliver projects that deliver business results fast. It allows you to invest in innovation in a cost effective way and leverage the reward with business value and reduced risk.

Using Agile software components, platform and frameworks, we work with skilled, experienced team members, devigners, technopologists, creative technologists, insight designers, outcome managers, application imagineers to bring your solution to life.

You can get started now and refine the solutions over time to meet your specific need in partnership with e-Agility. No need to make infrastructure investments up-front as the subscription based license model allows for easy entry and infinite scalability.

Our Solutions utilise the Office 365 platforms and Azure from Microsoft Cloud Solutions to provide solutions for Logistics and Supply Chain. A modern User Experience with touch, scanning and optionally RF tags enables highly streamlined, optimised, efficient and error free business processes.

Working with a combination of transport businesses and retailers we have developed solutions which can either be implemented out of the box, or customised to meet specific customer needs. As they are offered modularly you can pick and choose your components.

When customising solutions e-Agility utilises an agile methodology to provide the greatest level of return as quickly as possible. This allows us to deliver value quickly and reliably, combining the benefits of off the shelf standards with highly configurable customisations.

e-Agility is strategically aligned with Hedgehog Technology and has built and support a suite of logistics applications. Please read more about this at www.hedgehogtechnology.com.au

Another area of specialisation is our expertise around Business Process Visualisation using Microsoft Visio. We have a template and framework for publishing Visio Business Process diagrams into SharePoint or Office 365.


Want to know more about us and what we can do for your business? Send us a message, and we will get back to you shortly.